Edgenuity Instructional Services Learning Platform  

Providing Parent and Student Choice for the Virtual Learning Platform
The Virtual Learning Academy is excited to offer parents and students Edgenuity Instructional Services for their educational platform.   

Parents and students should review the Edgenuity Instructional Services program information below.

Edgenuity Instructional Services
Edgenuity Instructional Services provides an interactive virtual learning environment taught by Georgia certified teachers.  Instruction is both synchronous and asynchronous.  Students work asynchronously, or independently, through the content provided on the online platform.  Students are provided synchronous learning twice a week during teacher office hours and six days a week through on-demand tutoring.  Students are encouraged to attend the live sessions but are not required to do so.  Parents and students should watch the videos below and review the provided information to understand the student experience with Edgenuity Instructional Services. 

*All information presented has been extracted from "An Inside Look at the Student Experience with Edgenuity" within the Edgenuity website. Edgenuity Brochure


Edgenuity’s direct-instruction videos feature expert, on-screen teachers who explain concepts, model strategies, provide examples, and make real-world connections.

Students stop to complete tasks that check for understanding. They can also pause or rewind videos to take notes or review concepts as they progress through instruction at their own pace.

Assignments in Edgenuity


Meaningful assignments ensure students master key concepts and develop analytical and critical thinking skills. Throughout our courses, students will read, write, explore, create, practice, predict, and much more.


Formative and summative assessments test for mastery and provide immediate, actionable feedback for students and teachers.


On-Demand Tutoring for Core Courses 

Edgenuity’s® Concept Coaches are available to help you six days a week through online chat tools and interactive  whiteboards. When interacting with a Concept Coach, you get real-time, one-on-one tutoring in core  subject areas, so you’ll receive the guidance and support you need to understand what you’re learning so you can move forward  without struggling. 



The CloseReader supports the active reading of complex texts with embedded comprehension questions, text and audio prompts, translation tools, and contextual definitions of new vocabulary words.


A dynamic glossary and word look-up tool help students build their vocabulary. Transcripts and video captions allow students to follow along with the instruction, and eNotes enables students to synthesize information and record questions in a digital notebook.


This tool scaffolds the writing process for all students—from pre-writing to the final draft. Targeted writing instruction and practice in our content-area courses prepare students for narrative, argumentative, informative, and analytical writing.