Parent Testimonials for the VLA

If you're looking for a homeschool but public school option, I highly recommend VLA! Mahli is thriving so well with them. The teachers are super invested in the kids and clearly teach because they love to teach! If your kid is considered out of district you can pay tuition and it's not very expensive!

Nikita Cooper  

   Mother of 4th Grade VLA Student

My children have grown much more in one year at Rome's VLA than in any other school. The teachers are caring and work hard to provide differentiated instruction that starts where the child is and gets them where they need to be. The teachers use many different tools and class settings to engage the students. I am so thankful to have this school option for my children.

Jessica Stubbs  

   Mother of 1st, 5th, & 6th Grade VLA Students

My son has been so happy doing virtual learning with all of his wonderful teachers. They have really made him secure and overwhelmingly more confident to be himself and have fun learning. When my son is happy I am happy! So thank you all so very much! We do look forward to next year so he can continue to learn and reach for more success. He is growing in the Virtual Learning Academy. I feel in my heart this truly is the best way for my son to excel in his learning.

Carmen Guzman  

   Mother of 5th Grade VLA Student

I want to start by saying my daughter has had an awesome year! She has been consistent with all A's and B's. VLA is such an awesome way for her to do school. Her two teachers are absolutely amazing and I'm so thankful for them working so hard with her. Thank you for taking students on virtual field trips. You are the key to my child's success, Dr. Epps, and we are so thankful for you! VLA ROCKS!❤

Crystal Elkins  

   Mother of 3rd Grade VLA Student

The VLA has been very successful this school year with my son. The teachers are amazing and very organized. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

Catilia Guity  

   Mother of 4th Grade VLA Student

I think the VLA is wonderful and my kids will attend in the 2022-2023 school year.

Laquolia Ballard  

   Mother of 3rd & 8th Grade VLA Students